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Surrogacy specialists in India

Surrogacy specialist in India do the wonder for those who compare and contrast all the underneath and sensitive issues attached with the surrogacy.

The difficulties and costs in the surrogacy in the western countries have made thousands of childless couples, single man and woman to come to India for fulfilling their dream of having a little life in their arm. India is a wonderful medical destination for these people because of the lowest cost, international medical facilities and least possible legal formalities. Legalized Commercial Surrogacy came into effect in India in the year 2002. This was one of the parts of medical tourism drives by the government of India, and because of this drive, the issues of Surrogacy specialist in India has become a thriving fact.

The Confederation of Indian Industry has estimated that this industry at present generates two to three billion of US dollars of turnover in each year. Although further estimates are still to come, but what the statistics have already shown it is estimated that not less than 25,000 children are definite to be born under this un challenge able medical facility. The stunning fact attached with this is among these 25,000 would-be-children, 50% will go with their foreign parents who are ardently waiting for their dream come true days in their lives. They are going to be lifelong obliged to the Surrogate mother.

Actually India has very brief medical guidelines that are well accepted by the financially desperate couples, single parent who look for the international clinics in India for this exquisite purpose. To make the phrase Surrogacy specialists in India become more popular even government of India is considering new legislation for the assisted reproductive technology to be adopted. The legislation will not only be better, it will be monitoring and also encouraging this fast growing industry.

The surrogacy clinics in India are so well equipped that Surrogacy specialist has become a buzz phrase for one and all across the globe. All the surrogacy programs in India have made sure of the fact that any surrogacy journey is a prosperous venture. The biggest advantage of this Indian surrogacy program is the cost advantage with international standard medical facilities. The maximum surrogacy program in India cost around 40 thousand US dollars, including, travel, legal fees, hotel stay and the other packages; while in the US it is in between 200 to 250 thousand dollars.

Language being no problem in India, no one from foreign lands will face any problem of speaking to any of the doctors, nurses and medical staff here. These couples also take the advantages of very simple exit process to take their babies to their home lands. Of course, there are some obvious challenges one may face, but these challenges are nothing when they are easily surmountable, and so the disadvantages are outweighed by the advantages. Even some of these centers in India entertain customized surrogacy, which is a class in its category.

Infertility Treatments In India

Every couple dreams of having a little one in their lives that tends to bring immense happiness with his or her tiny steps.While some are blessed to be parents, a few are left with just futile efforts. Blame it the highly distressed life style or biologically impotency, infertility has been stretching its hold at alarming rates.

However, with the help of various infertility treatments, there is still some hope for the unfortunate couples.

Types Of Infertility Treatments

Assisted Reproductive Technology

Assisted reproductive technologyis a scientific term that refers to techniques that are used to get pregnant by artificial means. Owing to its vast scope and array of positive results, this is till date the most assured and successful way of helping out couples who are infertile or lack potent.

Common forms of ART are-

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF treatment is one of the most successful treatments for infertility. Under this procedure, mature eggs from a woman are retrieved and later fertilized with a mans spermin a dish under medical surveillance. After three to five days, the embryo is implanted in the uteruspost fertilisation.

Electric or Vibratory Stimulation

This procedure is recommended for men, who suffer from impaired ejacuation. This leads to limited seminal fluid and degrades the overall quality of sperms. Electric or vibratory stimulation helps to bring out the ejacuation, from which the semen is obtained. This is specially recommended for men who suffer from serious spinal cord injuries.

Assisted Hatching

Assisted hatching is used when the embryo is not capable of hatching out from its protective cover. The embryo has several covering, each of which has natural nutrients that ensure, the embryo gets them all. Once the embryo enters the female reproductive tract, it has to emerge out of this cover so that it can attach to the inner linings of the uterus. This process is used to make sure that the embryo implants itself by artificially weakening the outer lining.

Surgical Sperm Aspiration

Surgical sperm aspiration is a technique that involves extracting sperms from the epididymis or testis, which is a coiled, tube like structurecontaining sperm. The sperm matures while in the epididymis and this renders its potential and allows it to travel through the female reproductive tract.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

ICSI is a procedure recommended to men who have low sperm count or have restricted supply of potential sperms. Through microscopic technique, a single sperm is inserted in to the egg. The whole process follows in conjunction to the IVF procedure.

Other than the above-mentioned procedure, Surrogacy is a way out for the hopeless couples. It is a procedure where a woman carries and gives birth to a baby for some other couple. Surrogacy is like a wonder technique for all those women who cannot go through pregnancy either naturally or due to medical complications like recurring pregnancy loss, absence of womb or repetitive IVF failures.

Types of Surrogacy

The most prominent types of surrogacy in India are Traditional Surrogacy and Gestational Surrogacy. Under traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother is inseminated with the sperm of intended father. While in gestation surrogacy, the fathers sperms are used to create an embryo in the intended mother using IVF. Later on, this embryo is carried by the surrogate mother.